11Alive salutes historic South-View Cemetery, one of America's oldest African-American Cemeteries. Albert H. Watts, Secretary-Treasurer of South View Cemetery and civic leader is buried here.

Albert began working at South-View Cemetery full time, soon after finishing his formal education. In 1948, Albert became its Secretary-Treasurer. Albert succeeded his father, Louis G. Watts, as Secretary-Treasurer and his grandfather, Albert Watts, who was one of the organizers of cemetery. In 1977 he became President-Treasurer of South View. He would hold this leadership position at the cemetery until his death. He was active in the International Funeral and Cemetery Association and was honored at its convention in 2015.

Albert received a B.A. Degree from Clark College in 1936, with a major in Business Administration. In 2001, he was honored, with the dedication of the Albert H. Watts Alumni House on the Clark Atlanta University campus.

Albert often joked that people would call the cemetery and say "Watts, you're still there?" and he'd respond, "Yeah, I'm going to be at South-View Cemetery for a long time - while I'm alive and after I am dead too."