ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. — As we continue the first week of Black History month, one woman on Robins Air Force Base is celebrating what she calls a huge accomplishment.

Sometimes when we grow up, we look to our parents for motivation in finding a career. That's true for 1st Lieutenant Andrea Lewis, who says her family led her to take her career to the sky

"It is a blessing, it's a dream come true," Lewis said. "I think, I just want to make sure I'm doing a good job, always making sure I am thinking ahead of the aircraft."

As the first African-American female pilot with the 116th Air Control Wing, Lewis says her motivation to fly started years ago.

"It's interesting because my dad was a pilot for American Airlines and my mom is a Delta airlines flight attendant, and she has been flying for more than 40 years now," Lewis said.

Her parents combined have more than 60 years in the sky. 

According to a press release from the Guard, Lewis also spent time flying with the Marines Corps. She says that motivated her to take off once she graduated from The University of Georgia.

"That's when I joined the Reserves in 2010 [and] got hired by the Georgia Air National Guard in 2014," Lewis said. 

During that time, she followed in her mom's footsteps becoming a flight attendant for Delta, but she decided to shift gears.

"Then I just realized that it is an amazing thing," Lewis said. 

She started training with the Georgia Air National Guard, eventually finding her way to get into the 116th Air Control Wing led by commander Ato Crumbly.

"You don't have to be a loud or vociferous person, you just have to be determined, and that is what made us hire her," Crumbly said. 

As Lewis prepares to make history, she says like learning to fly, "Even if you feel like you didn't succeed at one part of that training, or whatever part you are trying to do, you can still keep going."

You too can accomplish your goals with a little hard work.

Lewis is being deployed later this month where she will be co-piloting and gathering reconnaissance information for missions, but under policy, she can't tell us where she's headed.