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911 calls released in connection to AMC Phipps Plaza shooting

Newly released 911 calls from APD reveal moments of panic after the shooting took place at the movie theater in Buckhead.

BUCKHEAD, Ga. — Several 911 calls have been released after a 24-year-old man was shot at the AMC Phipps Plaza movie theater in Buckhead Monday night.

Atlanta Police Deputy Chief Charles Hampton Jr. said officers were called to the movie theater Monday around 10:44 p.m. When officers arrived, they found the 24-year-old man injured. Hampton said he had been shot once and was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Police said the shooting took place after an argument about assigned seats at the movie theater. 

"When the suspect got there, the movie had already started, [the person] proceeded to the seat, and that seat was already occupied," Hampton said. "Some type of argument ensued over the seat, and again, instead of going to get a movie attendant to help resolve it, the shooter decided to use a handgun that he had on the person and shot the victim one time."

Newly released 911 calls from APD reveal moments of panic after the shooting at the movie theater. 

Dispatch: Hello 911 operator... What's the location of your emergency?

Caller #1: Hello yes, Phipps Plaza AMC movie theater, there was a shooting inside of the movie theater, Spiderman movie theater. 

Dispatch: Ok, did you see anybody who had been shot or did you just hear the shots fired? 

Caller #1: We didn't see anyone, we just heard the shot fired. 

Dispatch: Ok, how many shots did you hear? 

Caller #1: Just one.

Another caller who heard the gunshot inside the movie theater said they heard one shot before "everybody just kind of ran." That caller told dispatch that they made it out to a safe location. 

Others inside the movie theater, including an AMC manager on duty at the time, said they were hiding inside. 

Dispatch: I'm sending help now. Stay on the line. Are you at that location now? 

Caller #3: Yes we're safe, we're hiding.

Dispatch: Are you the patient? 

Caller #3: No, I'm the manager on duty. 

Dispatch: Ok, is anybody hurt? 

Caller #3: Yes, somebody got shot. Somebody got shot. 

Dispatch also asked the manager on duty when the last time she heard a shot fired. She replied two or three minutes ago. 

APD released photos of two people who Hampton said investigators believe are "significantly involved." 

Phipps Plaza released the following statement Tuesday night:

"We are thoroughly investigating the incident with the leadership of AMC theaters. AMC has immediately agreed to add private armed security in their theater to complement the comprehensive security measures that are in place in the mall. At Phipps Plaza, we are working with security experts across the globe to establish the most comprehensive, zero-tolerant, high-security program for the safety of our guests. We take any incident very seriously. We are increasing the breadth and depth of monitoring by off-duty Atlanta Police Department officers and private security. Additionally, the property also employs around-the-clock surveillance technology both inside the property and in the parking areas."

Anyone with information that could help police is asked to call Crime Stoppers 404-577-TIPS.

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