GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. – A man is in jail after police said he sexually assaulted a woman for about 24 hours.

On Nov. 24, Gwinnett County police were called to the 590 block of Grand Ashbury Lane for a rape call. When police arrived, they found a woman had sought shelter at a neighbor’s home.

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Officials said the woman showed up to the nearby home fully nude, hands bound with rope and duct tape around her head and neck.

Police learned the woman was from California and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Thuan Dinh, traveled to her home and drove her back to Georgia.

"We believe that he picked her up willingly in California," said Gwinnett County Police Cpl. MIchele Pihera. "She traveled with him over the course of several days it took to drive to Buford, Georgia. It wasn't until they arrived here in Buford that the crime started occurring between the suspect and the victim."

Once they got home, she was tied up, raped, and tased, according to police. Officials said the woman was brutally physically and sexually assaulted for “about 24 hours.”

Once she was left alone in the basement of the home on Nov. 24, she was able to flee and that’s when she went to the neighbor’s home.

"She knocked on their door and fortunately those neighbors weren't only home but they welcomed her inside the house and they called 911," Pihera said.

One neighbor 11Alive spoke to, who wished to stay anonymous, said through his attorney the woman came to the front door banging desperately and was "completely distraught."

“It was a shocking, horrible, horrific experience to find the young lady in that situation at their front door in the early morning hours," the attorney said.

She was taken to a local hospital and treated for her injuries.

Officers obtained a search warrant and entered the home she escaped from, but didn't find Dinh. They said they did find a significant amount of marijuana, described as more than what would be kept for personal use.

Dinh was later caught on Nov. 29 during a traffic stop. Neither police nor the victim knew his real name until they were at the police station.

"She gave us the name that she was given by the boyfriend, but she also during the course of their travels had seen him utilize different names," Pihera said. "So she gave us all the names but it was our job to figure out exactly which one was his true identity. "

He was arrested for rape, false imprisonment, robbery and two counts of aggravated assault. Police said more charges could be added in reference to drugs that were found in his home.

Dinh is set to make a first appearance before a Gwinnett County judge Dec. 1.

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