A suspect got a surprise visit from Canton Police after he mistakenly believed he alluded the authorities.

Thanks to the new Star Chase GPS tracking device, officers were able to track down the suspect who attempted to flee from a traffic stop.

The new technology was put into use to lower the chances of putting the publics' safety at risk. The unit is placed on the front of a patrol vehicle and deploys a GPS tracking device that clings to the back of the suspect's vehicle and tracks the direction the vehicle is heading.

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This will help lower police involvement in dangerous, high-speed chases.

PHOTOS | Canton PD new Star Chase GPS tracker

Canton Officers first used the new Star Chase equipment on Sunday, October 22, after attempting a traffic stop. An officer had stopped a vehicle, which did not have working taillights and while attempting to get the driver to comply, the suspect drove away.

Another officer who was nearby was able to locate the vehicle, which was traveling with the flow of traffic on I-575 SB where he also attempted to stop the driver. The driver did not stop so the officer deployed the Star Chase GPS beacon onto the rear of the suspect's vehicle and was able to track him down and take him into custody.

"We are extremely grateful to have been able to purchase this important equipment. We strongly believe the utilization of the two (2) systems will further enhance our efforts to protect our community, help maintain the safety of our officers and strengthen our ability to apprehend individuals involved in criminal activity," state Police Chief Mark Mitchell.