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Carroll County Sheriff's Office to raffle guns as part of '30 guns in 30 days' fundraiser

Proceeds will go to youth programs and a gun safety program.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is currently selling tickets for its "30 guns in 30 days" fundraiser. One ticket a day will be selected through the month of April, and the winner could get a gun. 

Sheriff Terry Langley said those who purchase a ticket will have 30 chances to win a gun, and even an opportunity to win more than one. 

“Even if you win, your ticket is put back in for every drawing,” he explained.

Sheriff Langley said it's a fundraiser that's familiar to his office, as they had a similar approach a few years ago. They sold as many as 900 tickets for $50 each. This time, they are selling 500 tickets, for $100 each.

"We made probably $25,000 to $30,000 last time for that one month, so we didn’t have to do it for several years," she said. "That funded a lot of community programs that weren’t budgeted for. So our funds are getting low so we decided to do it again.”

The raffle has already sold 100 tickets, with the CCSO hoping to reach a goal of 500. 

Langley said the raffle money will go towards youth camps – including one for children with special needs. Some proceeds will also go to their monthly gun safety program.

"There's naysayers but I do want them to know [winners] are passing a background check. There's a lot of gun ownership here so that's why we picked this type of fundraiser," Langley said.

To enter, residents must complete a background check. Winners can pick up their guns at select stores. The guns are new and not seized, according to the CCSO. 

"We’re mindful and sensitive to everything going on with active shooters – we don’t have any assault rifles or anything like that. There are handguns and shotguns and hunting-type weapons but not any assault weapons," he added.

While the raffle helps fund community programs, some residents, like Brooke Ayers, aren't on board with it.

"Right now it’s just not the time to have more guns put into our community – if you just read the room… it’s just not the right time," Ayers said. "It’s not the right thing that we should do – with so many kids being killed every year, every week, every day – it just doesn’t feel right and it’s just not responsible.”

Meanwhile, Bryant Brough plans on buying his own ticket soon.

"I’m glad the sheriff’s office puts it out there," he said. "Anytime you can encourage more gun ownership is always good especially out here in the rural areas. Police response time, as good as it is, is always about 5-8 minutes away so it’s a good thing they can kind of give you a safety net through self-protection.” 

You don’t have to live in the county to purchase a raffle ticket; you can also buy one through the sheriff's office Venmo account.

Sheriff Langley said people have come all the way from Alabama for what they hope is their winning ticket.

"We had a couple come in this morning from Alabama, also Paulding County, Coweta, of course, Carroll County," Langley said.

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