CARROLLTON, Ga. — A metro Atlanta cop resigned Thursday after an incident caught on video shows him hitting a man while trying to restrain him.

According to the Carrollton Police Department, Cpl. CJ Meeks tendered his resignation after the department was made aware of an incident of alleged misbehavior at the Zaxby's on South Park Street in Carrollton on Tuesday.

According to officials with the Carroll County NAACP, the police were called to the restaurant because the young man in the video, a former employee there, went to the fast-food restaurant up his final paycheck.

James Stocks, president of the Carroll County NAACP said comments were made that were inappropriate so the manager called police for the safety of the employees and customers.

“Just as a safety precaution the manager she didn’t want any problems so she called the police just to, I guess, be on the safe side," he said.

In a video recorded by a witness, you see Meeks grab the man, forcing him to the ground. The department opened an internal affairs investigation, but Meeks resigned before the investigation concluded. He is no longer with the department.

Friday, Stocks and Gerald Rose, president of New Order National Human Rights Organization, said they met with Carrollton Police Chief Chris Dobbs to talk about the incident.

"He did admit that his officer was wrong," Rose said.

In the video you see the man talking to officers when the conversation takes a turn after one of the officer's asks for the man's address. 

Officer: Shut up. Let me tell you something real quick. If I ask you again and you don't answer I will lock you up.

"The young man had already given them his driver's license with his name and address on it," Stocks claimed. "So, there was no need for that comment."

Shortly after, you can see Meeks throw his papers down and go towards the man.

“He attacked the young man and tried to grab him and take him to the ground to arrest him," said Stocks. 

Officers: Put your hands behind your back!

Witness: He didn't do anything.

In the video, you see an officer hit the man in the face.

Man: I didn't do nothing wrong. I came to get my check. 

Both Stocks and Rose were appreciative of how the chief responded and reacted to the incident during their meeting. Below is the full statement the police department provided Thursday about the investigation:

"The Carrollton Police Department is a State Certified Agency that employs 70 certified police officers and is dedicated to serving the citizens of our community.

"On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, I requested an internal investigation be conducted by Internal Affairs in reference to the incident at Zaxby’s on South Park Street in Carrollton. Prior to the completion of the investigation, the officer involved, Cpl. CJ Meeks, resigned and is no longer employed by the Carrollton Police Department. We take these matters very seriously, and we will always strive to maintain public trust."