CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. -- Police have confirmed that two children have died after being left in their car seats outside a Carroll County duplex.

Their father, 24-year-old Asa North, is being charged with 2 counts of manslaughter and reckless conduct.

Officials confirmed the deaths to 11Alive's Duffie Dixon late Thursday. Investigators confirmed that the children were rushed to a local hospital but that both have since died after being left in the hot vehicle.

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The incident happened outside an apartment on Tillman Drive and the vehicle, an SUV, has already been towed from the scene. Detectives spoke with the father of the children that afternoon.

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Police said the mother was actually in Atlanta when her children died. She was involved in a car accident and went to Grady to be checked out. That's where she was when she got the call to come home.

Before police arrived, neighbors had removed the children from a car and were trying to cool them in a baby pool.

"There were some individuals holding the infants in a pool and actually had some ice packs also," Carrollton Police Captain Chris Dobbs said. "What they said attempting to cool the kids off."

His department is handling the investigation.

Names of the children have not been released however the children were described as twins who were about 15 months old.

Meanwhile, many in the neighborhood are shocked.

"It's sad," Regina Cleveland said. "Because I have grandchildren and I can't even imagine my grandkids leaving me - and especially under those conditions ... it was so hot today."

Cleveland described the day's events as an unexplainable but said that she hopes and prays that it was an accident.

Sadly, this type of tragedy happens all too often. Federal statistics show that since 1998, more than 550 children nationwide have died from being left in hot cars.

In Georgia, at least 28 children have died under these conditions since 1995.