CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. -- Twin toddlers died after being left in a hot SUV Thursday. Here is what we know.


The incident happened outside an apartment on Tillman Drive. Neighbors saw the twins in the arms of the father as he was running from the direction of his SUV. Police believe the girls died in the SUV, in their car seats. Before police arrived, neighbors were trying to cool them and revive them in a small, plastic kiddie pool outside the apartment, using ice packs.

The girls were taken to a local hospital were they were pronounced dead Thursday evening.


The twins were identified Ariel Roxanne and Alaynah Marianne North. They were 15-months-old.


The victims were in the care of their dad, 24-year-old Asa North. Police charged him with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of reckless conduct.

North spoke with police at the scene. They said they don't believe he left the children in the car intentionally.

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The girls' mom was not home. Police said she was in Atlanta when her children died. Her sister had been involved in a car accident, and the mother went to GradyHospital to visit her. That's where she was when she got the call to come home.


Asa North was transported to jail on the four charges related to the deaths. The investigation is ongoing.


It is a dangerous misconception that these types of deaths only happen on very hot days. This graphic shows just how quickly a car can heat up on a warm, or even cool day.

Sadly, this type of tragedy happens all too often. Federal statistics show that since 1998, more than 687 children nationwide have died from being left in hot cars.

An autopsy will determine the exact cause of the twins' death. If, in fact, they died as a result of heat stroke inside the SUV, they would be the 25th and 26th children to die in hot cars in the U.S. so far this year. Last year there were a total of 25 hot-car deaths of children. Source: