PLAINS, Ga -- Former President Jimmy Carter was back at his church Sunday morning in Plains, just two days after being hospitalized for dehydration in Canada.

Carter told the congregation this has been one of his busiest months ever.

In the past week, he was at an auction at the Carter Center; went fly fishing in Alaska; and then left for Canada and built houses for Habitat for Humanity.

That’s when Carter spent the night in a hospital for dehydration.

"That was strenuous as well because were wading in the river, all morning, then went home for lunch, then go back and wade in the river and fish, and then we came home and immediately left for Canada,” Carter said. "There we built a total of 75 houses, and then we went down to Winnipeg and built 25 more houses and that's where I got dehydrated."

Carter heads to Atlanta on Monday to teach at Emory University, something he’s been doing for 35 years now.

At the end of next week, he’ll be going home and said he hopes for a few days of rest.