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Bullying to keep minorities out? | Vandals write 'KKK I will kill you' on house

NAACP claims house vandalized with 'KKK I will kill' after minority puts it under contract.
Bartow County NAACP

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- Thousands of dollars in damage was done to a home that was listed for sale in the Polo Fields subdivision.

Video posted to the Facebook page of the NAACP of Bartow County shows the home with "KKK" spray painted on the hall floor and "KKK I will Kill" spray painted on the wall. The incident report from the Sheriff's Department said "KKK" was also spray painted on the floor and walls of a couple of bedrooms. All of it was done with thick, black paint.

The vandalism was first spotted by a woman who went to the home on Danby St. to view the property. The incident report reads, "when she arrived at the property the back gate was open. She entered the gate to look at the back yard and noticed the rear door to the house was standing open."

That's when she went inside and noticed that the stove in the kitchen was pulled out in the middle of the floor. She then went upstairs and saw the graffiti.

This was on Nov. 27 but the vandalism could have happened any time between Nov. 25 and then. The homeowner told police the damage to upstairs was in the range of $4,500 and the damage to the back door was another $500.00.

The homeowner sent this video to the Bartow NAACP and said a minority family had the house under contract. He sees the vandalism as a message. In a statement to 11Alive, the president WJE Coombs said, "We want to push the message to let everyone know that this kind of bullying is not acceptable in our county and country."

The Bartow County Sheriff's Department is investigating.

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