CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- Investigators from two major retail outlets and a metro Atlanta town have nabbed a pawnshop owner accused of fencing thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise.

Cartersville police said William Mark Anderson, the owner of Anderson Pawn Shop in the same town, purchased and sold allegedly stolen items stolen from retailers like Home Depot and Target.

Investigators from both stores aided in the investigation, authorities said. The Cartersville Police Department said they recovered more than $36,000 of retail merchandise from Anderson Pawn Shop and other locations.

Anderson was later charged with retail property fencing and theft by receiving stolen property.

Home Depot released a statement to 11Alive not long after the arrest was announced.

“Organized retail crime (ORC) is a serious and growing problem for all retailers. The Home Depot has dedicated ORC investigators who work daily with law enforcement at all levels to stop these crime rings that threaten our communities. We’re grateful for the cooperation and are pleased to have helped the Cartersville Police Department in this case.”