CARTERSVILLE, Ga. -- It's an unusual message but, after a foot chase in Cartersville, the words kind of make sense: "We are not bears."

This comes from the Cartersville Police Department after they successfully caught a suspect, James Keith Riseden, near ATCO Village on Monday.

According to police, Riseden ran from them across the busy intersection of Cassville and Sugar Valley roads before disappearing from view into some nearby bushes. However, that didn't deter officers who were on his trail.

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They ultimately found him but Riseden wasn't ready to give up just yet. He turned to first responders and used what officials called "bear spray" on them. A department post described it as extremely potent pepper spray.

While not pleasant, it didn't stop police from catching and arresting Riseden. The department reports no injury to the suspect or the officers who caught him.

The suspect was wanted on several warrants, police said. Among them, charges for possession of methamphetamine, burglary, obstruction and parole violation.

According to a previous announcement, the department is donating to an upcoming "Shop with a Hero" program. In return, they're being allowed to grow their beards. So they ended their post with a little reminder to the public.

"Even though we are growing beards for a great children's cause this Christmas, we are not bears."

In other words, keep the bear spray to yourself.