CARTERSVILLE, Ga. — Yet again on Thursday, a school was forced into high-security mode - all because of a threat that turned out not to be viable.

But it's not a chance that officials at Cartersville City Schools - like many others - were willing to take. So the school was placed on a temporary lockdown with police on-campus helping keep things calm.

A day later, the police department said they had learned that the hoax call was placed at random and traced to "an individual who has no ties to the City of Cartersville."

But that doesn't mean the suspect is new to making threats.

"This individual is also a suspect in several related calls to other jurisdictions involving similar threats," Cartersville Police said in an update shared Friday.

The department said they were working in conjunction with the FBI to identify the suspect. By April 23, authorities said they had brought charges against a juvenile from Riverdale, Georgia. 

Cartersville authorities charged the suspect with Terroristic Threats and Disruption of Public Schools and will face a Bartow County judge. However, authorities say the suspect faces other similar charges in other jurisdictions.