The charges against a woman cited last month for illegally distributing food to the homeless were dismissed on Thursday morning.

Adele Maclean, who is part of an organization called Food Not Bombs, was cited on Nov. 19 by Georgia State University police for feeding the homeless in Hurt Park.

While Maclean was in court, her organization distributed food to the homeless outside the Atlanta municipal courthouse.

Maclean emerged from the courthouse, saying her charges had been dismissed.

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"The ticket was issued by a Georgia State University police officer for conducting an event, in this case mass feeding, without a permit from the Fulton County Health Department," said GSU Chief of Police Joseph Spillane. "Large gatherings in Hurt park without either a large gathering permit from the city or a Fulton County permit is causing a myriad of negative issues in the park.

"Those who choose to feed outdoors with no facilities, no sanitation, no food safety to prevent food born illness, and no order create serious issues as hundreds gather to get a meal."

Food Not Bombs calls itself an international group that distributes free food as a protest against war and capitalism.