The City of Atlanta is launching an electric vehicle fleet to help first responders get quick access to the Beltline.

The city credited "an innovative public-private partnership" for deploying the vehicles and the charging infrastructure needed to keep the vehicles charged. Georgia Power helped fund the project.

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed arrived at the press conference riding in the APD electric vehicle. The five vehicle fleet adds to the city's goal of having 60 electric vehicles assigned to city agencies.

"These kind of vehicles are better suited to get in and out of narrow and tight spaces," Reed said, "they're gonna pick up the speed with which we can respond to any issues on the Atlanta Beltline."

Reed said the goal is to quickly and efficiently patrol the Beltline with zero emissions.

Quick response to crime and other emergencies along the Atlanta Beltline has been a concern almost since its inception. In 2013, the Atlanta Police Department unveiled their new Path Force Unit including fifteen police officers assigned to the patrol the Beltline.

"This vehicle will allow us to move smarter, so we can move quicker on the Beltline to the locations that we need so we can rescue people on the trails," said Atlanta Police Chief George Turner.

The Mayor's goal for the city is to reduce emissions by 20% by the year 2020.