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Clayton County voters talk about what they're looking for in a new sheriff

The results will be certified on March 24, with a likely runoff election taking place between the top two finishers, interim Sheriff Levon Allen and Clarence Cox.

JONESBORO, Ga. — The unofficial votes are in for the Clayton County Sheriff's race. Former Sheriff Victor Hill's godson and interim Sheriff Levon Allen is in the lead, but he is short of the 50% plus 1 threshold needed to avoid a runoff.  

Unofficially, Allen and Clarence Cox will be in a runoff in four weeks. 

Voters had a big decision Tuesday in the long shadow of the former sheriff who's now headed to prison. The Clayton County Elections Board reports voter turnout was only 8% for the special election. 

A steady stream of voters made their voices heard at Morrow City Hall and other polling locations Tuesday in Clayton County.

“I’m just excited about the race and looking for change in Clayton County," Andrea Stallworth said.

The Clayton County Sheriff's race was front and center for voters who had a clear idea of the issues they were most concerned about.

“Integrity," Andrea Stallworth said. "Treating people fairly at the jail. We want the jail to clean up. We don’t want people to complain about how they’re being mistreated over there.”

“I’m looking for somebody that doesn’t have any crime in their background, someone who’s outstanding, and just a good person for Clayton County," Kenneth Stallworth said. 

“I would hope that the crime rate drops and make Clayton County a place where people want to come and live and grow their families," Keith Oliver said.

Another hot topic for voters was former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill who was sentenced to 18 months in prison for violating the constitutional rights of inmates. 

“Personally, I don’t think that Victor Hill is any worse than anyone else that has held that position," Oliver said.

“Victor Hill brought peace to the community, but his background was just his problem. Victor Hill kept Clayton County safe,” Kenneth Stallworth said. 

“It’s unfortunate what we experienced with Victor Hill. It wasn’t positive at all for Clayton County, and I’m looking for someone who can come in and bring some light and positivity to our county," Andrea Stallworth said. 

The results will be certified this Friday, March 24, at 5:30 p.m., with a likely runoff election taking place between the top two finishers, Allen and Cox.

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