COLLEGE PARK, Ga. – A group of community activists are stepping in to a help the children of a mother who was shot and killed during a robbery attempt just before Christmas.

Police said the shootout happened Friday night when 19-year-old Brandon Doe walked into the Old National Liquor store and tried to rob the employees. A gun battle broke out.

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The store's owner, 55-year-old Tea Mo, as well as an employee, 35-year-old Mashona Roberts, were killed. Doe also died.

Roberts, known to friends and family as “Mi-Mi”, left behind six children. Friends said she was working that night to earn money for her kids before Christmas.

In the midst of grieving, community activists are joining forces to help her six children now without a mother and a provider.

“We all reached out to each other and decided that we needed to do something to bless those children,” said Torrey Tomlinson.

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Tomlinson, Keith Lewis and Jason Salter want to make a difference. They've started a GoFundMe page and a donation drive to collect any items her kids may need.

“We are standing right here together. And we stand behind them. And we don't stand behind the foolishness. The foolishness on Old National," Tomlinson said.

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They say the movement #TakeBackOldNat is meant to shed a light in the community during tough times, that their strength can overcome any hardship.

“Mimi was loved by a lot of people in this community,” Tomlinson said.

Jason Salter added, “She had a great spirit, always had a smile on her face.”

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The community is showing the love they have for one another to take back Old Nat and make it a safe place. A loving place.

“It's just doing something,” Salter said. “I know it won't fill the void. It's just a Band-Aid for right now. They got to live with that for the rest of their life.”

Anyone who has items they'd like to donate to the children can email: Click here to donate to the GoFundMe page.