ROSWELL, Ga – Supporters of a woman arrested on marijuana charges last week protested her treatment by police Monday night at a Roswell city council meeting.

Shanita Maeberry was arrested on Nov. 9 around 10 p.m., after police say an officer detected a marijuana odor coming from a car in in the drive-thru lane of an Alpharetta Highway Starbucks. Police pulled Maeberry over nearby, and Maeberry, according to police, admitted to smoking marijuana.

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Police said Maeberry began resisting arrest and punched one of the officers in his face. The officer responded by striking Maeberry in her face. After complaining that her mouth hurt, police called an ambulance, who said Maeberry only had superficial injuries.

Maeberry was taken to the Roswell jail, and was eventually taken to a local hospital, where Maeberry was diagnosed with a broken jaw.

Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta said it was "definably going to be hands on in this case," calling it similar to another national case involving the death of Sandra Bland in police custody.

“Shanita Mayberry is a criminal justice student who knew her rights,” said Black Lives Matter activist Sir Major Page. “She had a legal right to resist an unlawful arrest. As a result of not complying with the arrest she was punched in the jaw. She was beaten unconscious. She was also refused the right to use the phone.

"We will not sit back and continue to let these types of cases happen without someone being held acceptable.”

Maeberry was charged with possession of marijuana and felony obstruction of an officer.