UPDATE: According to the districts spokeswoman, Pail Hagen is no longer an employee of the district. She would not comment on whether he resigned or was let go.


CONYERS, GA - A Rockdale County high school teacher has been put on administrative leave when a disturbing video was shared, showing the teacher appear to threaten a student.

A video was shared with 11Alive on Facebook showing a physics teacher from Rockdale Career Academy threatening a student while in class.

You can hear the teacher saying,

"I'm dead serious dude. You screw with me, you're going to be in big a** trouble. Okay? Don't smile at me man. Okay? That's how people like you get shot. I got a bet, I bet by the time you're 21 somebody's going to put a bullet right through your head, okay? And it might be me, the one who does it."

According to the school, the teacher has been put on administrative leave as this incident is being investigated.

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office said they were called to the school, where the parent shared the video with a deputy.