A couple wants answers after their pet dog was found dead with a arrow through its chest.

Joshua and Mollie Jarrell told Floyd County Police they had recently closed on their home on November 3, now two of their pets have turned up dead.

The couple told police that two weeks ago, they found their cat dead in their yard with no visible injuries. They suspected it may have been poisoned.

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Then last Thursday, they though their black lab named Sadie got out of the fence. They searched for her and spoke with neighbors to try to find her but came up short.

It was on Sunday when they found Sadie's body on their property. Joshua detailed what happened on a GoFundMe account he created to help raise money for a reward to find the person responsible.

"Today my wife and I went out looking for her as we have done everyday. We found her out behind our house on our property shot with an arrow. The scum who did this walked onto our land and broke off as much of the arrow as they could. The police officer who came out said that it looked like she was just trying to get home. I want justice for my dog. She was taken from us way too soon by a heartless person I want to see pay for their crime. I am wanting to raise money for a reward. Any help will be appreciated."

A neighbor told police last year they had problems with someone shooting a BB gun and a .22 rifle at their dog.

So far, no one has been arrested.

"She was a very special dog. (We have) no idea who would do something like this. We had her almost 5 years. We rescued her when she was a puppy. She was my best friend," Joshua told 11Alive.