COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — A recordkeeping mishap the Coweta County State Court is calling a technical error could be resurrecting the driving legal woes of scores of people.

The court alerted the public on Tuesday that, in the normal course of sending the finalized records for the day that include things like tickets or other legal actions to the Department of Driver Services, it also sent many old records.

“This error caused the system to electronically transmit historical, previously processed, and duplicate records to DDS,” a public notice by Coweta County said.

It could be causing licenses that were once suspended and reinstated to go back to a suspended status.

Coweta County said on Wednesday that the error occurred last week and that 1,874 records were inappropriately transmitted.

The court said it is working with DDS to automatically correct 1,700 of those records, and that 15 of them were correct.

It said 159 records will have to be addressed individually.

"The best way to do so will be determined when final information is received on these cases as we continue to work in coordination with DDS," the court said.

If you’ve been affected, you can contact the court at 770-254-2699.

You can also check your license status here.


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