PORTERDALE, Ga - The body of a wanted man was found in the Yellow River after guests at a wedding ceremony noticed it stopped against a dam.

According to Porterdale City Police, a wedding was taking place on Sunday, November 12, when guests saw a body washed up against a dam located on the Yellow River.

Medical examiners were able to identify the body as 40-year-old Ryan Hacker.

Just 8 days prior to his body being found, Hacker was stopped by police for driving on a suspended license, according to a police report from Porterdale City PD.

He resisted arrested and was tased by the officer on duty at the time of the incident but managed to break free of the taser and fled the scene.

Officers were unable to catch him and had warrants out for his arrest.

Now that his body was found, investigations have been turned over to the GBI to find out what caused his death.