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S-moo-ve criminals | Cows vandalize Bonaire neighborhood

"Everyone needs a good laugh these days, and the cows gave it to us."

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — One Bonaire neighborhood had a whole herd of surprise visitors last Friday.

Julianna Olson is new to town and lives at the Cottages at Charlestown subdivision, located just a few miles from Robins Air Force Base on Hwy 247.

New Orleans is home for Olson, but she lived in Wisconsin for 20 years. She says she's never experienced something quite like what happened around 3 a.m...

"As the sun came up, I noticed that my front lawn was destroyed," she said.

Sod. Solar lights. Her garden. The driveway. Everything was in shambles.

"I'm like, 'Who would vandalize this in the middle of the night!?' I was upset about it," she said.

Olson took her dog out and realized it wasn't just her home -- it was the whole block. That's when she decided to check out the footage from her Nest doorbell.

"I said 'I'm going to figure out who this is and I'm going to send it to police' and when I saw the video... I could not stop laughing," she said.

What the camera caught wasn't just one cow, but a whole herd.

"It was like West Side Story going down the alley, but they were going down the middle of the street, just having a hay-day -- no pun intended," she said.

Not only did they rummage through the yard, they came right up to her door.

John Kitchens with Kitchens Appraisers/Southern Properties says the damage wasn't all that bad. 

"As far as damage goes, they do what cows do... nibbled on some plants and hoofprints everywhere," Kitchens said. "They appeared to be dairy cows."

He also thought it was hilarious. Plants were replaced and everything was smoothed back out. As for where the cows came from and went after that -- that IS the mystery.

"The cows were nice enough to make sure we had fertilizer left behind to make up for it," said Olson. "Everyone needs a good laugh these days, and the cows gave it to us."

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