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Coyotes in the city: Atlanta residents seeing more on the prowl

DNR experts say it's not unusual to see coyotes, especially during the spring.

BROOKHAVEN, Ga. — Coyotes are popping up in Atlanta.

11Alive viewers are sharing videos and pictures of wild coyotes in the city. Scientists say these sightings can come with the season.

Spring usually means warmer temps, higher pollen counts, and in some areas of the city -- coyotes.

“As I’m kind of driving near the parking lot, low and behold I see a coyote grazing near the grass," Rama Kazi, a Brookhaven resident said. "I got out of my car and there was probably about 30 to 40 feet of distance between us and I took some pictures."

Kazi said he saw the wild canine in the business park near North Druid Hills Road and I-85 in Brookhaven.

Kaitlyn Goode with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says there are a couple of reasons for the uptick in these sightings.

“We do see an increase in sightings this time of year because it's their mating season. Right now they are breeding and they will start going into dens with their pups," Good explains. "Once they start having pups you’ll see them frequently going to and from the same place."

Coyotes mate for life and raise their babies together, according to experts.

They typically hang out where people are because there’s more access to small animals they can prey on – and garbage.

But Kazi said he thinks there’s another reason coyotes are roaming his neighborhood.

“I would say gentrification. In short, overbuilding," he said. "We’re rapidly building new hotels and apartment complexes."

By taking away their home, coyotes are forced to roam, Kazi said. 

Georgia DNR said that they don’t have any numbers for how many coyotes call metro Atlanta home but they are currently working on collecting that data and hope to have figures next year.

For the agency's fact sheet on coyotes, click here.


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