A crane operator, guided by first responders, rescued an injured construction worker Monday afternoon.

Captain Eric Jackson with DeKalb County Fire and Rescue said the worker was rescued from the seventh floor after he was hurt and unable to make his way down seven flights of wooden, temporary stairs.

The accident happened at an active construction site on Lake Hearn Drive near Perimeter Mall and St. Joseph's Hospital. When co-workers called 911, firefighters made their way to him carrying special rescue equipment.

WATCH | Crane operator rescues injured construction worker

Capt. Jackson said they stabilized and secured him in a stokes basket. They then used a specialized rope system to attach the basket to the hook of a crane.

Firefighters guided the crane operators to safely transport him to the ground. The worker sustained serious injuries, but was in stable condition.

It's unknown at this time how he was injured.

PHOTOS | From the scene