KENNESAW, GA (WXIA) -- A college student's biggest expense can often be textbooks. They can take hundreds of dollars a semester out of a student's pocket, but a current college student in metro Atlanta says he has the solution. He also has a lot of big backers.

In Kennesaw, an early 20th Century house is an incubator for start-up, and a college student on spring break says he's sitting on gold.

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"Do you feel you have a billion-dollar idea?" 11Alive's Matt Pearl asked him.

Kennesaw State junior Paul Ngalle's start-up is called TreeCabin.

"It's a platform that would allow students to stream their textbooks," he explained. It's a sort of Netflix for textbooks.

"It popped into my head, 'Netflix!' I had a Netflix subscription at the time, and I said, 'Why don't I have something like this for my books?'" Ngalle said.

Of course, many of us get great ideas at home, but very few of us turn them into companies. Even fewer have Ngalle's history: a child of Cameroon who moved stateside years back.

"When I landed at Hartsfield-Jackson, I was always looking at airplanes and saying, 'That's cool," he said.

Ngalle is perfecting TreeCabin's beta version. He has secured deals with two major publishers -- and he's received pre-registration from 50,000 poeple who have already signed up for the product.

"That's correct," he said. "It's around the United States as well. That's actually a small number."

Ngalle is after the 21 million students in college every year. He says the beta edition of TreeCabin will be available in August. His team is still figuring out the costs.