Recently, there have been reports of clown sightings across the southeast.

Our 13WMAZ email and Facebook inbox has been full of viewers asking us about the truth behind clown sightings in Dublin.

Our Madison Cavalchire spent the day there to see if criminal clowns have made their way to Central Georgia.

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Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman says the rumored clown sightings began after someone blamed a car accident Friday on swerving to avoid a clown.

“No one saw a clown at the time of the accident,” said Chatman. “It was a family member that reported it several hours later -- that it was the reason why this accident occurred; because someone was in the road dressed like a clown.”

Chatman says there's no evidence that's true.

“We can't say for certain that someone hasn't seen anyone looking like a clown, but we have had several reports where we assigned an investigator with this situation and we have yet to substantiate,” said Chatman.

Michaela Brooks says she and her sister saw clowns in Dublin on Thursday around 11 p.m. in the Middle Georgia State University parking lot.

“A car came up behind us and parked. I didn't think much of it, until my sister started freaking out, and she told me they were dressed as clowns,” said Brooks.

Brooks says she saw at least three clowns in the car.

“We could only see part of them because they were parked to the back of us,” said Brooks. “You could see the big hair, the afros.”

Brooks says she left the lot right after the sighting and reported it to campus police the next morning.

“I hope that it was just a prank, or that they're just trying to scare people,” said Brooks. “I saw how much it scared my little sister and that really concerned me. We have little kids in town and if they were to see something like that, that's something they're going to remember.”

WMAZ spoke to campus police at Middle Georgia State University and they say they're investigating the incident.

Chief Chatman says there have been seven reports of clown sightings in Dublin.