ATLANTA -- A group of dads will have a second chance at life just in time for Father's Day.

A local judge is working with the organization called Don't Count Me Out to make this possible. Ten men with low-level misdemeanor charges are participating in the program this year.

Monique James runs the group Don't Count Me Out.

"We have a diamond as our logo because with us at don’t count me out everybody is a diamond in the rough. Harold was rough."

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Harold Clark was placed behind bars last year for sleeping in a park.

"When Monique come to me I was in jail," he said. "And she asked did I want to get out. And I didn’t have to pay anything."

She asked him two things: If he had children and if he wanted a new life.

"Because Judge Gundy is giving the golden ticket for Father’s Day," she said.

A year later, he's working at City of Refuge in West Atlanta. Clark is getting training in auto mechanics.

He's grateful that the judge to a chance on him. Now a new group will get to experience that same grace this Sunday.