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Pitbulls rescued after Dallas man abused them, deputies say

The man is accused of facilitating more than 100 pitbull fights in his home.

DALLAS, Ga. — A Paulding County man is now in jail after deputies said he bred, trained more and facilitated more than 100 pitbull fights at his home. 

On Tuesday, Paulding County Sheriff's Office and Paulding County Animal Control detectives arrived at the Dallas home of 55-year-old Vincent Lemark Burrell, where they found at least 106 dogs who were underfed, scrawny and aggressive.

Reports revealed some of the dogs were housed in the basement where the odor of "urine and feces was so strong, authorities had to wear protective equipment" to get in the home.

Officials said crews also found the dogs tied to trees and "metal stobs in the ground" with chains and heavy collars. The animals were kept without being properly hydrated nor fed and left in the elements with no shelter, according to officials. 

Credit: Paulding County Sheriff's Office

The animals "just craved the love and attention" of the crew on the scene, investigators said.

"This is not something that we can just put together in a few days. I am thankful that these dogs are safe now. The dark and sinister world of dog fighting is a despicable culture that has no place in our world,” Sheriff Gary Gulledge said.    

Burrell is currently being held at the Paulding County Jail without bond. 

Officials said they expect more than 100 more counts against the man as the case unfolds.

Police ask anyone who has any information about this case to call the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office at (770) 443-3047.

Credit: Paulding County Sheriff's Office


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