PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. -- A shooting inside a Paulding County home Tuesday left two people dead and another two injured.

Close friends Jackie and Wade Terrell describe Jeff Adams as a loving husband and father who loved to fish with his son and best friends.

Adams, his wife Ann and her sister Denise were shot by their next door neighbor William Arnett Tuesday.

While the suspect was held up inside the victims’ home, he kept dozens of lawmen at bay for hours. Family and friends say that during that time, the victims desperately need medical attention.

“It’s just very hard right now for everybody to understand and wonder why the response was so slow,” said Terrell.

Jeff Adams died from his wounds. Ann remains hospitalized and her sister Denise is in critical condition.

“If they could have gotten medical help sooner, it might have been a different story,” said Terrell.

While loved ones are mourning, many are upset because they believe the shooting could have been prevented.

“The police had been called out on occasions and a lot went on in the neighborhood,” said Terrell. “Jeff had told me many of times that this man was crazy, and sooner or later he was going to kill somebody, but you just never think it’s going to be you.”

11Alive News reached out to investigators to find out if, and how many complaints were made against Arnett – but as of this point, we have not received a response. At the scene, deputies did admit they were familiar with the suspect.

The Terrells say the Adams’ moved out of their home last week, in part, to get away from a neighbor they believed was unstable. On the day they were shot, friends say they had only come by to retrieve a few belongings.

There are no details yet on how the suspect ended up inside the victims’ home, or what led to the shooting.

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