WHITFIELD COUNTY, GA - Her speech was slurred, she swayed side to side and back and forth in her seat and her eyelids were partially closed.

This is what a Dalton Police officer observed as he listened to a student who was high on Xanax, answer questions posed by principal Stephanie Hungerpiller at Dalton High School on Tuesday.

The student admitted she had taken "Xan" which is short for Xanax, a sedative used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. She said another female student advertised that the drugs were for sale on behalf of 18-year-old Anthony Louis Flores, who sold her the pill.

The two school assistant principals and the officer met with Flores who confessed he sold two students a pill on campus that day. Flores said he purchased 25 pills for 75 dollars at an off campus party.

While searching his backpack, authorities found two 5 dollar bills and 16 Xanax pills.

Flores was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, intent to distribute, distribution of a controlled substance on school property and drugs not in original container.

All students involved in this case faced disciplinary action from school.