Night three of protests in Atlanta became more confrontational. Police made at least ten arrests.

The protest started on 17th street Saturday night. People chanted, "The people united, we'll never be divided" from the sidewalks. By 7:30, protesters had shut down the street near Atlanta Station. Georgia State Patrol officers blocked the entrance ramp onto the connector to keep protesters from entering the interstate.

PHOTOS | Day 3 of protests in Atlanta

Unlike Friday night's massive protest organized by the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP, Saturday night's events were organized primarily by word of mouth on social media.

Police stood between protesters and the Shell gas station on John Wesley Dobbs to deter any damage to property. At that same location, a driver was arrested after getting into some kind of altercation with protesters. It was the site of multiple arrests when protesters refused to get out of the streets. 11Alive cameras captured at least a dozen arrests.

At least one woman was maced and arrested after a short foot chase. Video shows her repeatedly stepping in front of police patrol cars as they were trying to move protesters out of the streets. After she was maced, other officers rushed her to a waiting police van to render aid.

At least one woman was maced during Saturday night protests in Atlanta. 
At least one woman was maced during Saturday night protests in Atlanta. 

Just before 2:00 am, Atlanta Police gave protesters a final warning to get out of the streets or face arrest. About 50 protesters walked to Edgewood, where the crowds dispersed for the morning.

In a tweet sent out Sunday morning at 8:00am, Atlanta Police said 10 people were charged with pedestrian in roadway, and one person was charged with disorderly conduct. "Unfortunately, we had some people who didn't want to protest peacefully and lawfully last night," the tweet said.

Additional protests are planned for Sunday night.

Protests have been ongoing across the country after Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were killed in officer-involved shootings. In Dallas, after a peaceful rally concluded, sniper Micah Johnson opened fire on the crowd. Fourteen people, including 12 police officers, were shot. Five officers were killed.

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