DECATUR, Ga. – Over two dozen students from Georgia colleges and universities who are members of the Georgia Caribbean Students Alliance are helping flood victims in Trinidad and Trobago.

According to the volunteer group, the students met Saturday at Larparkan Shipping in Decatur and packed clothes, shoes, food, diapers and other toiletries to help thousands in those countries displaced by severe flooding.

The two countries received a full month's worth of rain in two days, according to government officials. About 80 percent of Trinidad is affected and main roads and public services are shut down.

About 150,000 people are believed to be affected.

“Atlanta has a large Caribbean American community that supports local and Caribbean American cause sat home and abroad,” said Kaliah Henton-Jones, a representative of the group.

Today's packing event was organized in part by the Caribbean Association of Georgia, the Trinidad and Tobago Association of Georgia, the Georgia Caribbean Students Alliance.

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