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Decatur mom creates company celebrating diversity in children's books

Jambo Books started in 2018 and is growing fast.

DECATUR, Ga. — A Decatur mom of three looked everywhere to find children's books centered around a character of color.

"We were searching for books to give our child a full sense of the world and a full sense of her place in it," Mijah Godfrey, said. "They didn't feature children of color at all."

So, Godfrey, along with her husband, set out to find books that featured and celebrated diversity. To help other families do the same, she started a company called Jambo Books.

Godfrey curates more than 350 children's books all featuring kids of color. It works like a subscription service. She mails out a few books to subscribers per month. 

"It is important kids of color see themselves in the written word," she said.

Credit: Jambo Books

Jambo Books started in 2018 and is growing fast, Godfrey said. The focus right now, she said, is to start conversations about race at a young age.

"We can start race positive conversation with kids young, so they don't have to be afraid to talk about it as adults," she said. "They will have known as kids that differences are great and can be celebrated."

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