ATLANTA — Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines announced on Wednesday they are changing its uniforms again. This comes after complaints that the latest ones are reportedly making some employees ill. 

Back in April, NBC 10 in Boston reported that rather than issues with their new uniforms not fitting well, some flight crew members said they had trouble breathing, hair loss and rashes that they believe are caused or exacerbated by the uniforms themselves.

According to Delta News Hub, they are launching a completely new uniform program for all flight attendants and above wing airport customer service agents. 

The airline said they decided to introduce this program after receiving feedback from multiple employees. Employees will be able to "inform the uniform development process." Nearly 130,000 employees received the uniforms.

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“At Delta, our people are the foundation for our success. In response to our employees, we’ve taken steps over the past few months to address feedback received about the uniform, including offering alternative garments, hiring fabric experts, and conducting comprehensive chemical testing,” said Ekrem Dimbiloglu, Director — New Uniform Program. 

The company hopes to launch the new uniform in late 2021. In the meantime, Delta employees will be offered new interim uniform choices. 

The article said they are hoping to use the time to explore new textile options and practices, allow employees to have more of a choice in attire selection and take greater control of the production process.

The uniform program launched in May of 2018. "Below-wing employees have shared overall positive feedback about the uniform program and those employees will continue with the current uniforms," the article stated. 

“This is a big decision, but we side with our people, and we are making a change,” Dimbiloglu said.

More details are expected to come in the coming days, according to Delta News Hub. 


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