DOUGLASVILLE, Ga. -- Investigators said massive fire that caused more than $400,000 of damage at a Douglasville propane gas company Thursday night appears to be accidental.

Douglas County firefighters responded to the fire at Blossman Propane Gas around 8:30 p.m. after residents reported hearing the loud noises.

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Video taken by resident David Smith captured a few of those explosions from a distance. His video also showed a towering column of smoke and fire in the distance.

On Friday, Douglas County spokesperson Rick Martin said that investigators agreed that it appeared to be accidental.

According to the release, a fuel air explosion occurred at ground level under an open-air pole barn propane transfer station.

At the time of the explosion, an employee was refilling 33-pound bottles on a flatbed truck from a 29,000 gallon tank. After the first explosion and the building began to burn, other bottles exploded, investigators said.

Investigators have ruled out cigarettes as a cause of the explosions.

"At this time, the potential for a static electric charge caused by human motion or positive pressure gas flow rapidly igniting fugitive propane cannot be ruled out," Martin said in a statement.

There were no injuries.

After the explosion, authorities closed a portion of roadway between Highway 78 and Gurley Road, and evacuated several nearby businesses.

The view from Hunter Park off Gurley Road showed flames leaping into the air above the tree line .

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