ATLANTA — Downtown Atlanta has a jam-packed schedule over the next week, as thousands of people will pack Mercedes Benz stadium. 

First, the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, as LSU and Oklahoma face off in the College Football Playoffs. 

"We're expecting a pretty good crowd from Baton Rouge tonight," said Nate Strahan, the General Manager at Atkins Park in Atlanta.

It's exciting for bars and restaurants in Atlanta like Atkins Park. Strahan said football brings an electrifying atmosphere in. 

"When the 'Benz is hosting a big event, we have all of those folks from out of town, and they're looking for a place to go," he said.

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Being from Michigan, Strahan said football in the South is something you have to see in person. 

"My friends always talked about SEC football, SEC football, SEC football," he said. "So, moving down here and getting to attend those games firsthand was a life-changing experience."

Just as significant to the South, which will follow football this week at the stadium, is faith.

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"There will be 65,000 people - young adults, college-aged students - coming to Atlanta, Georgia to lift up the name of Jesus," said Grant Partrick with Passion Conferences.

Passion City Church is hosting a three-day conference. Partrick expects it to be just as exciting for people in the area as football is.

"We hope that next week, as 65,000-plus people come here to lift up the name of Jesus, the whole city feels it while we're here," said Partrick.

Partrick said he's excited about the conference, but he's also excited about football. It's a part of the culture.

"We're in the South where the two are king. Faith and football are king," he said. "We're in what people call the Bible belt."

No matter if you're with the football crowd or the faith group, it's a chance to see the city.

"It kind of shows off the city of Atlanta for all of the out-of-towners," said Strahan.

Partrick said to tie it all together, Tim Tebow will speak at the conference.


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