A video posted to social media shows the moments before the deadly shootings of two men at The Masquerade club in Underground Atlanta Sunday night.

Officials identified 21-year-old Ewell Ynoa, a 21-year-old aspiring rapper from Florida and Worcester, MA as one of the victims and friends identified Giovan Diaz from Massachusetts as the other.

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Ewell Ynoa went by the stage name Wells TK.

It's not a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. Even if it takes years to create your own wave, that's still better than riding someone else's. #kreamfamilia ?

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His social media presence is strong with Youtube videos, several instagram pages and a Facebook page.

Diaz - seemingly his partner - went by the moniker Lukewarm88.


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Now friends are reacting with tributes as the investigation continues.

The duo chronicled their trip to Underground Atlanta on their social media pages, jovially jumping out of the car dancing on the street at a red light.

Their friend, Curtis Kariuki , filmed them Sunday jumping on the stage in between performers.

Then, shots rang out.

Police say a person in the crowd took issue with the young men on stage, fatally shooting them and eventually injuring two others.

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Kariuki posted a tribute on social media, saying quote..."They were the star of the show, they were leading a crowd of 100 plus people...Putting smiles on everyone's faces..."

He said Sunday night was "the worst night of my entire life" and said his friend passed away in his arms.

Last night was the worst night of my entire life. There are absolutely no words to describe how I’m feeling. l lost two of my best friends last night, both passing away in my arms one at a time. It’s crazy because moments before the shooting went down we were having by far the most fun we’d ever had. l had never seen wells & lukewarm so happy in my entire life. They were the star of the show, they were leading a crowd of 100+ people putting smiles on everyone’s faces! Luckily l was able to capture that special moment on video. Then a few moments after it happened. l feel almost as if they had a special celebration before they left. To all that had the honor of knowing my brothers, just know we would talk every single night now matter how far away we were about life & what we wanted, our dreams & vision. We had it all planed out. l know if it were me they would have carried out EVERYTHING that l believed in, so I’m going to do the same. The @livelifewells & @lukewarm88 legacy will forever live on. l promise. @hotrnboyz

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Wells posted a new post to Facebook page a week before his death encouraging his followers to tell people they care about just how much they're loved.

The Masquerade wouldn't comment on the shooting, only telling 11Alive they'll let the cops do their jobs.

Concerts scheduled at the club for Monday have been cancelled and refunds are available.

Cousin Stizz - a rapper performing that night - postponed an upcoming concert in Washington D.C. because of the shooting. He posted a tribute to Twitter.