MARIETTA, Ga. — A 29-year-old has been charged with first degree homicide after police say he crashed into stopped cars on I-75 south, throwing a man flying into traffic, ultimately killing him. 

The accident happened July 31 at the Canton Road Connector's entrance ramp to I-75 south. 

According to police, a 1994 Ford F-150 was stopped in the gore - the area between the entrance or exit ramps and lanes of the highway - on I-75 south. A 2000 Chevy Silverado with a trailer was in front of the Ford, and police said brothers Ricky Bradford, 64, and Larry Bradford, 60, were in the process of loading the Ford onto the trailer. 

At the same time, police said 29-year-old William B. Headen was driving his 2016 Hyundai Sonata when he allegedly started passing slower moving traffic on the Canton Road Connector and entered into the gore to try and merge on I-75. But, police said Headen's Sonata collided with the rear bumper of the Ford.

Police said Ricky Bradford, who was partially inside of the F-150 navigating it onto the trailer, was thrown from the vehicle and sustained life-threatening injuries. Larry Bradford, meanwhile, was in front of the F-150 preparing to winch it up onto the trailer, and was hit by the truck after it separated from the Hyundai Sonata; he too sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of the collision.

After the initial collision, Headen’s vehicle spun into the far-right lane of I-75 south and into the path of a 2015 BMW 428i.

Marietta crash
Marietta Police Department

EMS rushed both Larry and Ricky Bradford to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital; Headen sustained minor injuries and was transported to Kennestone Hospital, as well.

Police said Ricky Bradford's condition worsened and he ultimately died from his injuries Aug. 11.

A state warrant has since been obtained for Headen for the following charges:

  • Improper Lane Change (M)
  • Driving Through Gore (M)
  • Improper Passing/Overtaking (M)
  • Following Too Closely (M)
  • Reckless Driving (M)
  • Serious Injury by Vehicle (F)
  • Homicide by Vehicle First Degree (F)
William B. Headen
Cobb County Sheriff's Office

Authorities said the Marietta Police Department’s S.T.E.P. Unit is still investigating the collision. Anyone with information about the crash is urged to contact Officer Nick St. Onge 770-794-5352.


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