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Ebenezer Baptist, 2 Chainz host 'Souls to the Polls' early voting drive

Atlanta rapper and Fulton County resident 2 Chainz joined the Rev. Raphael Warnock Sunday for 'Souls to the Polls'.

ATLANTA -- Sunday marked the end of the final weekend of early voting in Georgia for many counties and that meant many showing up by the busload to the polls.

"Your vote matters! Your vote matters!," yelled a man with a bullhorn outside the Adamsville Recreation Center in Fulton on Sunday afternoon.

Nearby a crowd holding homemade signs encouraging people to vote chanted loudly.

"Give me a V! Give me an O! Give me a T! Give me an E! What does that spell? Vote!" the group chanted.

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A short time later, two buses filled with voters pulled up outside the recreation center. The buses were from Morehouse College Massey Leadership Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church, for 'Souls to the Polls' - an effort to help hundreds of Fulton County voters participate in early voting.

The effort was led by Ebenezer Church's Rev. Raphael Warnock.

"Voting isn't a privilege," Warnock said. "It is a right. The right to vote preserves all of our other rights."

Atlanta rapper and Fulton County resident 2 Chainz joined the Rev. Warnock Sunday for 'Souls to the Polls'.

"I literally landed a few hours ago," he said. "I had a show last night in St. Louis. I came here because this is what matters."

In many counties the last chance to vote early will be on Nov. 4.

The Georgia Secretary of State's office reports that, as of Oct. 28, 1,054,959 ballots have been cast early. That includes 938,195 advance in-person ballots and 116,764 mailed-in absentee ballots. 99,156 mail-ballots were still outstanding.

One of the ballots cast was from U.S. Representative John Lewis. He spoke to voters, alongside Warnock and 2 Chainz, on Sunday.

"It is the most powerful, non-violent instrument or tool that we have in our Democratic society," Lewis said. "We must get all of our people, doesn't matter whether they're black or white, Latino, Asian-American or Native American, to turn out and vote like we have never voted before."

On Monday, several metro Atlanta counties will expand the amount of early voting locations they have open.

You can find your early voting location by visiting the Secretary of State's My Voter Page. Remember, your assigned voting location likely isn't open until Election Day, but all counties have early voting locations set up.

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