CHAMBLEE, Ga. -- Less than a week after 11Alive reported on a local workplace with a bed bug problem, dozens of employees walked off the job Wednesday.

Wipro is a technology company that has about 600 employees at its call center in Chamblee. The facilities manager admitted to 11Alive bed bugs have been a problem in the building since late May and said they were working to control the infestation. The treatment process could take as little as three to six months, or five to six years.

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Employees told 11Alive the bugs are allover the floors and are biting them. Despite the problem, workers said they're still expected to show up for work. Instead, on Wednesday, dozens of workers walked off the job in frustration. One employee, who was wearing a hazmat suit to keep the bugs away, said he was fed up.

"We are forced to come in here to do this job under these conditions," he told 11Alive crews. "You haven't provided us any documentation or any means that says it's been treated. When we should be here or when we shouldn't be here.

Lawyers 11Alive spoke to said Georgia law requires employers to have a safe workplace free of infestation, and recommended the company find a remedy "fast."

Wipro said in a statement, that it takes the "health and safety of our employees extremely seriously. We are taking appropriate action and putting in place necessary precautionary measures to ensure the workplace is safe and secure for our employees."

The company said it is complying with the prescribed guidelines to deal with the issue and is paying for bed bug consultations at employee's homes and medical treatment. The DeKalb Health Department and OSHA are investigation the situation.