MONROE COUNTY, Ga. -- Both Richard Fountaine and Kimberly Belcher have been captured.

Authorities said Fountaine escaped from a Wyoming prison where he was serving time on a robbery charge.

They were captured in Monroe County at Highway 42N near the Logwall Church Road area, that's the same area where they were last seen.

Both Fountaine and Belcher are now in custody at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

On Wednesday, Fountaine and a woman authorities are calling his accomplice, Belcher, were spotted near Logwall Church Road located off of Highway 42 inside a woman’s garage. 

“The male stuck his head out first and I noticed he was just kind of tattooed all the way up and he was brandishing a weapon," property owner Natalie Sudeen said. "And their eyes just looked kind of crazy.” 

Sudeen said she talked to them and they said they needed help getting their car out of a creek. 

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“They say that they had gotten their car stuck in a creek in our property or close to our property and could I help them get it out," Sundeen said. "I said, 'There’s people painting the house in the back, if you want to talk to them feel free, they have trucks'.” 

Sundeen left and didn’t think any more of it - until she returned later to find sheriff’s deputies at her house.

That’s when she found out they were on the run. Fountaine escaped from a Wyoming prison and Belcher is accused of helping him.