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Fact check: Does Georgia's new hands-free law apply to music-streaming apps?

ATLANTA — Confusion over Georgia's new hands-free driving law has opened Pandora's Box on social media.

Law enforcement offices across the state are posting notices about the new law, set to go in effect July 1, but the posts have been causing more confusion than clarity.


Some of the posts are claiming the new law, which prohibits the use of "wireless telecommunications device" and "stand-alone electronic device" while driving also applies to Internet-based radio apps like Spotify and Pandora.

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But you don't have to delete any of those apps, just yet.

11Alive checked into it and according the Governor's Office on Highway Safety drivers can use music-streaming apps, as long as they're activated before drivers get on the road.

So, while you can jam out to your Spotify playlist while you drive, you can't touch your phone to skip, start or stop the app while you do it.

By the way, the new law also doesn't apply to using the radio.

Click here to read the full law on the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

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