GWINNETT COUNTY, GA (WXIA) – New details have emerged in a child abuse story that Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter says is one of the worst cases he has seen in 30 years – the death of 10-year-old Emani Moss.

Emani's case shocked everyone in the community and led to significant change within the state child welfare system.

Emani was starved, burned and left inside a trash dumpster for dead. Her father and stepmother were both arrested and charged with her death. Now, her father's plea has been made public.

Porter says Eman Moss knew his daughter is was sick and losing weight, but he failed to seek medical attention for her. Investigators said that although he helped dispose of the girl's body, they do not believe he was the main culprit in her death. So a plea deal was offered that takes away the death penalty.

"His involvement was one of neglect, rather than intent, and that was confirmed through is proffer – and that's been a lot through the evidence we gathered during the course of the investigation," Porter said. "I think once the risk of the death penalty had been removed, he was willing to accept the sentence of life without parole."

Eman Moss pleaded guilty on two counts of felony murder, two counts of first degree child cruelty, and one felony count of concealing the death of another.

Now, all eyes are on his wife, the girl's stepmother, Tiffany. She has remained silent, never once giving police any statement on how the girl died.

11Alive News has investigated the death of Emani Moss, as well as the state's Department of Family and Children Services, the state agency charged with protecting our children.

Our investigation led to the removal of multiple DFCS employees. We will continue to hold the powerful accountable when it comes to our children and continue to follow Emani's case through to its final end.