ATLANTA-- One of the most popular politicians in Georgia isn’t a politician at all. He’s a fake Twitter account – very conservative, very opinionated and apparently very authentic sounding – until you do a little basic research.

Look at his Twitter account, and you’d learn that Representative Steven Smith is a Republican, a Tea Party Patriot, and a Constitutionalist representing Georgia’s 15th congressional district. Look at a map, and you’d learn Georgia has only 14 congressional districts. Look at the congressman's photo, and you’ll find a match at a stock photo site.

"He represents the fifteenth district very well I think," deadpanned Benita Dodd, who works at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation – and says she follows the bogus Georgia congressman from the nonexistent district for the entertainment value.

"I find it hilarious that so many people take him so seriously and get into so many arguments," Dodd said. He had more than 13,376 followers as of July 28.

The fake congressman claimed to be the first congressional endorsement Donald Trump – and has been on an anti-Hillary Clinton tear during this week’s Democratic convention, clobbering her on Benghazi and NAFTA in a storm of relentless tweets.

Last week, a writer claiming to be Florida attorney Jeffrey Marty wrote a piece on the Daily Caller saying he is behind the bogus congressman’s Twitter presence – and indicated he’s a true believer in its conservative content – which he says has snared celebrities from Anne Coulter to Rosie O’Donnell who took the site seriously.

The not-really-a congressman Smith has more followers than ten of Georgia’s real congressman – and 40 percent more than the real congressman representing Valdosta, Rep. Austin Scott. A spokeswoman for Scott said his constituents are having no trouble discerning their real congressman from the fake.