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Family of woman killed while crossing busy Atlanta street calls for pedestrian safety

Brittany Glover was hit and killed on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway, in Atlanta.

ATLANTA — A family is calling for state officials to make pedestrian safety changes to a busy Atlanta road.

Last year, on Sept. 19, a driver struck 33-year-old Brittany Glover on Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway and drove off, killing her. Her loved ones gathered on the highway to remember her and rally for pedestrian safety changes.

Valerie Handy-Carey is Brittany's mother. Carey said her daughter's birthday just passed on Wednesday. She would have been 34. Carey traveled from Ohio to remember her.

"Brittany was passionate about her family. She was very loyal to family and friends," Carey said. "She was excited about traveling the world. That was one reason why she wanted to become a flight attendant."

Brittany earned her wings with Spirit Airlines, but she earned another set of wings when a driver struck her as she was leaving an event overnight -- two days after moving to Atlanta.

Rebecca Serna is the executive director of Propel ATL. Serna joined to rally with Brittany's family on the semi-anniversary of the hit-and-run.

"This highway has been on our radar for several years now because it's one of the city's most dangerous," Serna said.

Carey has some ideas on how to prevent another parent from going through the pain she's going through.

"Reducing the speed limit would be one way to be held accountable," Carey said, "Putting in the signage--a stop sign for the pedestrians to be assisted to walk on their own. They can push a button. And they can be ushered or signaled to walk when it was safe. And then, arresting the people who did it."

Atlanta Councilwoman Keisha Waites said she plans to work with Carey.

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"Getting a traffic device here -- a light, given that you have a massive residential community, right across the street, to protect families," Waites explained. "If you drive this area, there is no signage that reflects what the actual speed limit is. And so, our goal is to get more signage that actually states what the speed limit is. And, right now, it's 35 miles per hour."

D.L.H. Parkway is a state road, but Waites said local legislation is still possible. It will require state approval to change the speed limit. So, Waites says she plans to bring these issues to state officials.

"Brittany is a daughter of our city. Brittany moved here for a better life, to work in the airline industry," Waites said. "She never got that opportunity. So, I believe we have a moral obligation."

Brittany was Valerie's only daughter. She'll never get to see her walk down the aisle, but in Brittany's honor, she said she'll continue to fight for other pedestrians to be able to walk safely.

"I will say it's encouraging, but the proof is in the pudding. You can tell me whatever, but until I see that change happening then it's all just talk," Waites said.

Carey also hopes to get Brittany's name on the intersecting street someday. 

Atlanta Police tell 11Alive there have been no arrests in connection to Brittany's death. If you know anything, please contact Atlanta Police.


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