Family and friends of Lester Roy Jones, a man everyone knew as kind and generous, are grieving.

Police found his body in Union City not far from where he disappeared a week before while running an errand.

Investigators believe Jones was murdered and several people are in custody.

Police are releasing only a few details so far - just that the death was a homicide and that "persons of interest" are in custody.

Everyone who knew and loved Jones - everybody always called him Roy - are at a complete loss to understand.

A week after Roy Jones disappeared while running an errand at Walmart in Union City, police found his body a mile or so away. It was at the dead end of a short street at an abandoned house.

It was just a few days before when some men driving the car Jones had been driving pulled up to an ATM in Union City and tried to use the bank card his roommate had lent him previously.

Now, police said the car was found in Illinois telling Jones's family that police there pursued it and the driver wrecked. From there, police took several people into custody

"I can't understand how anyone could even do that to him," his cousin, Kayla Mayorga said.

Mayorga who was in Louisiana sent in a photo of Jones with his daughter Greenlee. They were close, she said.

Jones was disabled due to being shot by a burglar as a teenager. He lived with his roommate Patrick McDonald in Union City.

"He had a heart of gold and he cared for so many people," McDonald said. "He would give anybody the shirt off of his back."

Police have not yet said whether the people in custody have been charged in Jones's death. But they may release more information in the coming days.

Jones' body will be transported back to Picayune, Miss, and he will be buried next to his grandmother who raised him. Friends said he called her "mom" and that she was the most important person to him in his life.

A GoFundMe page has been established by friends to help pay for Jones' cremation and funeral costs. Click here to donate.