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Family of convicted teacher calls for leniency

Jesse and Beverly Robinson are trying to keep their daughter out of jail.
Shani Robinson gave birth to a baby boy Saturday morning.

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The family of a convicted Atlanta Public Schools teacher is asking for leniency in her sentencing.

At the First Iconium Baptist Church in East Atlanta Sunday morning, the special guests were two first-time grandparents.

Jesse and Beverly Robinson say they have an important mission ahead of them as they try to keep their daughter, Shani Robinson, out of jail.

"She's a human being," said Beverly Robinson, "As a teacher, [she] did everything for her children, her community, for her school to make it better."

Shani Robinson, a former first grade teacher at Dunbar Elementary, was convicted of racketeering and making false statements. She gave birth to a baby boy Saturday morning.

Prosecutors say she changed wrong answers to correct ones on test documents. She and her 10 other convicted colleagues are facing up to 20 years in prison.

"Sending an educator to prison with rapists, murderers and drug dealers is not right," said Gerald Griggs, the defense attorney for former Dobbs Elementary fourth grade teacher Angela Williamson.

Robinson is the only one not currently in jail. The judge also delayed her sentencing until August, while the others will learn their fate on Monday.

Back at First Iconium Baptist, all the money collected Sunday morning will be donated to Robinson. The church also threw a baby shower for the first time mother.

Rev. Timothy McDonald, told the congregation he was inspired to help the Robinson family.

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