The funeral for a pregnant teen killed by a stray bullet last month will be held next Saturday.

Fourteen-year-old Sonja Harrison was shot through the ceiling last month while babysitting her nephews.

Harrison's family says the funeral is set for Saturday, Dec. 8, at noon.

The service is not only for her, but for her baby Naomi. Harrison was eight months pregnant with the baby when she was killed by a stray bullet while babysitting on November 19.

Police said they believe the bullet came through the ceiling of an upstairs unit

Harrison's mother said she was in the 8th grade, the youngest of seven children and had plans once she finished school.

"She was pregnant, but she had a future," said Sonja Denise Harrison, Sonja's mom. "She was going to finish school and she was talking about joining the army.  For her and her baby."

Her family said they are in the process of trying to raise money to pay for the funeral. They have set up a GoFundMe account to help with expenses. 

Twenty-year-old Souleymane Diallo, the man accused in the shooting, heads to court later this week. 

Diallo has a bond hearing on Thursday and returns to court for a preliminary hearing on Friday. Diallo faces multiple charges in the case including second-degree murder and feticide.

If convicted on all charges, Diallo could be sentenced to life in prison.